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Burch Wallace

V-V Wagyu
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Paradise, Texas 76073

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V-V Wagyu

Burch Wallace

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Wagyu Bull Semen from V-V Cattle Company in North Texas and Missouri. Wagyu embryos including red Wagyu embryos, cattle and beef for sale.

V-V Cattle Company is located in North Texas with a partner ranch in Seymour, Mo.  V-V is owned by a 4th generation cattleman whose great grandfather homesteaded in S.E. New Mexico.  All 4 generations raised both registered and commercial cattle until being exposed to the Wagyu breed.  After learning of the calving ease, temperament and above all the excellent marbling of the Wagyu breed, we saw an answer to a lot of the challenges in the cattle industry.

We then set out to breed the very finest Wagyu possible using elite and outcrosses genetics expanding the bloodlines that were common in the U.S.  This philosophy also keeps U.S. cattlemen current with the proven successful trends in both Japan and Australia.  To do this we had to look in depth at those markets, Japan and Australia, and with the help of a number of the leading world experts in Wagyu, Mr. Shogo Takeda, Mr. Ted Naruke, Mr. Hyde Kojima and others, we were successful in putting together a herd of outstanding individuals who can perform from the ranch to the feedlot.

Recognizing that the advantage and future of Wagyu is to improve the carcass quality of the commercial cattle herd in the United states, V-V Cattle Company has focused on bringing the top genetics to commercial cattlemen at an affordable price while at the same time, provide a larger and varied genetic base to the seed stock producer which will only serve to improve the entire Wagyu breed.

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Wagyu Bull Semen and Embyros - Texas and Missouri

V-V Cattle Company is a top genetics breeder of Wagyu cattle, following Shogo Takeda's rotational breeding plan.
Wagyu embryos, semen, live Wagyu cattle for sale in Texas and Missouri. U.S. & International shipping.