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Mr. Shogo Takeda:

Over a period of 25 years, Takeda isolated and concentrated on bloodlines which offered greater economic value. He wanted a high percentage of his carcasses to reach the A-5 grade and to achieve this in a shorter feeding period.

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Takeda Breeding Rotation
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ONE of the most influential suppliers of Wagyu genetics to Australia, Shogo Takeda, says a preoccupation with selection for marbling at the expense of other valuable commercial traits could slow the fullblood industry’s rate of progress in this country.

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Breeding History of Japanese Beef Cattle and Preservation of Genetic Resources as Economic Farm Animals:

In this paper, breeding history and present aspects of the Japanese Black breed, which is the major breed and distributed nationwide would be described to discuss on the way of preservations of genetic resources as economic farm animals at any period.

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