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V-V Wagyu


V-V Cattle Company spares no expense in producing quality Wagyu embryos including red Wagyu embyros. We stay on top of the latest innovations in embryo production, and have the ability to ship internationally.

We feel embryos are the most cost effective way of starting a new herd or improving an existing herd. We focus on genetics best suited for U.S. conditions and on improving the traits needed to produce the finest Wagyu animal. V-V Cattle Company combines the three most famous Wagyu breeding strains:

  • Tajima from Hygo Perfecture

  • Itozakura from Shimane Perfecture

  • Kedaka from Tottori Perfecture

Our embryos are $650.00 each, with rare genetics slightly higher.
Contact us for a list of available embryos.

These bulls are the base of our breeding program:

Bar R Sanjirou 44K

Bar R Sanjirou 44K
This is the 11th rated bull in the AWA Sire Summary for marbling. We were very excited when this bull came up for sale from Jerry Reeves at Bar R Wagyu. This bull not only brings marbling but good frame being a Sanjirou son. This takes all the guess work out of his progeny. He is being used over some of our big cows to bring even more marbling as well as extensively in our F1 program.

TF147 Itoshigefuji

TF147 Itoshigefuji
Sired by Itofuji and dam was Dai 30 Noboru. Ifofuji was made between Dai 7 Itozakura and Hirota 1 (she has Dai 6 Fujiyoshi blood line on her sire side).

Dai 30 Noboru was a descendant of Okayama?s original bull called ?Takenotani Tsuru? and goes back 300 years and later this same bull was called ?Noboru?. Noboru had been used in the Okayama strain generation after generation. Dai 30 Noboru?s dam was sired by Itofuji and dam by Dai 10 Noboru. Noboru is one of the typical large frame cattle in the Okayama strain.

This bull consists of 56% Shimane, 41% Okayama and 3% Kedaka therefore you can expect a larger frame with adequate marbling.

Based on an Australian full blood Wagyu breeder?s carcass data, TF147 has an average carcass weight of 1150 lbs and an average beef marbling score of 8.5 out of 9, on the Australian marbling scale.

TF148 Itoshigenami

TF148 Itoshigenami
Sired by Shigeshigenami and dam by Fukuyuke. His grand sire was Shigekanenami and maternal sides great grand sire was also Shigekanenami. There are three different strains of Tajima:

1. ?Okudoi?
2. ?Nakadoi?
3. ?Nami?

Shigekanenami was one of the most typical ?Nami? bulls. TF148?s sire Shigeshigenami was made double crossing Shigekanenami on the sire side and also on the maternal side to enhance marbling.

TF148?s dam was Fukuyuki and her grand sire is Shigekanenami and on the maternal side the sire was Dai 7 Itozakura. Therefore TF 148 should produce an adequate frame with great marbling. This bull consists of 75% Tajima, 19% Shimane and 6% Kedaka.

Based on an Australian full blood Wagyu breeder?s carcass data, TF148 average carcass weight is 970 lbs and an average beef marbling score of 8.6 out of their marbling 1-9 scale.



100% Tajima bull, half brother of Sanjirou who was progeny tested in Australia. With 3800 F1?s in the test, he sired 90% 9+ on the Australian scale which would be prime + + on the U.S.D.A. scale. The remaining 10% graded at 7 to 9 on the Australian scale which is prime and prime + on the U.S.D.A. scale.

Itomichi 1/2

Itomichi 1/2
Itomichi ? is sired by Itomichi and grand sired by Shimane?s most well known bull, ?Dai 7 Itozakura? crossed with Dai 2 Kintou.  Itomichi 1/2  dam?s grand sire is 100% Tajima.  This bull?s genetics consist of 13% Tajima, 2% Kedaka, 85% Shimane.  This bull still exists in the U.S. and his estimated weight is over 2000 lbs.


Itozurudoi 151

Itozurudoi 151
151 is a very rare breeding.  On the sire side, he is a cross Shimane and Kedaka (there are few Kedaka sires available).  The dam side is 100% Tajima made up of two of the three major Tajima lines.  151 is deceased but was a 2400 lb. bull which produced excellent carcasses both in weight and quality.  Wagyu authority, Shane Lindsey, has said ?151 beat Michifuku in every statistical category in full blood Wagyu carcasses?.

Please contact us regarding availability and selection of embryos.


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Wagyu Embryos including Red Wagyu – V-V Cattle Company Texas Missouri

V-V Wagyu provides a cost effective way to improve commercial cattle as well as full blood Wagyu herds through outcross genetics using the latest embryonic innovations using Itozurudoi TF151, Shigeshigetani and other Wagyu bulls for excellent GeneSTAR ratings with marbling growth and feed efficiency.