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V-V Wagyu



Wagyu Semen

V-V Wagyu semen is from balanced bloodline bulls that are proven for marbling growth and maternal traits.

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Wagyu Embryos

V-V Cattle Company spares no expense in producing quality Wagyu embryos. We stay on top of the latest innovations in embryo production, and have the ability to ship internationally.

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Live Wagyu Cattle

V-V Cattle Company supplies heifers and bulls that are suited for the full range of production needs in the Wagyu industry.

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Top Wagyu Genetics: Semen, Embryos, Live Cattle for Sale | U.S. & International Shipping

Top Genetics: Wagyu semen from balanced bloodline bulls proven for marbling. Latest innovations in Wagyu embryo production.
Wagyu cattle for sale: heifers, bulls suited for the full range of production needs in Wagyu industry. U.S. & International shipping.