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V-V Wagyu


V-V Cattle Company is producing American Wagyu cattle for sale from breeder heifers and bulls that are suited for the full range of production needs in the Wagyu industry.

We want to provide balanced genetics that can work for the seed stock producers to improve the breed and for the F1 producers to breed those ?good kind of calves? where ownership through the feedlot can be retained and they can beat the grid and produce highly marbled carcasses making a significant difference to their bottom line.

All 2008 animals sold. Contact us about exciting 2009-2012 offers.


1 - Wagyu Bull
4 yrs old has had semen sold to Brazil avg birth weight on his calves 55-65 #s Fukutsuru 068 and Michifuku on top side and Takazakura and Michifuku on bottom side.
Price $5000.00

2 - Wagyu Yearling Heifers
Out of above bull and their dam is a Fukutsuru 068 x Takazakura so these are line bred with all the marbling you could want.
Price $6500.00 ea

2 - Weanling Wagyu Heifers
bred same way as the above heifers.
Price $5500 ea

2 - 4 yr old Wagyu Donor Cows
1 is Fukutsuru 068 and Takazakura breeding dam of the Yearling heifers. 1 is Michifuku and Takazakura breeding.
Prices are $8500.00 ea

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Wagyu Cattle for Sale Texas Missouri

V-V Wagyu's outcross genetics produces balanced bulls and heifers that can meet the requirements needed for commercial cattle and full blood
cattle breeders and to supply blood lines to produce Fl through pure bred Wagyu carcasses by tracking EPD's and EPV's on all cattle and utilizing
bull test and RFI technology to maximize profitability.