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Red Wagyu/Akaushi     Red Wagyu/Akaushi

What Are Red Wagyu / Akaushi

They come from the Mt. Aso region and the prefecture (state) of Kumomoto, Japan. They are one of the rarest breeds of cattle in the world.

We say Red Wagyu/Akaushi because they are the same cattle. Akaushi means red cattle in Japanese but both are truly Kumomoto Reds and have
the same genetics. The only difference is in the name.

These cattle excel at growing and marbling on grass and cross well on Bos Taurus breeds, Brahma, Nelore and Zebu as well as the Bos Indicus Black Wagyu.

The Reds will improve and significantly raise the quality of the carcass while bringing hybrid vigor resulting in a heavier calf at weaning but maintain the renowned lower birth weights of Wagyu.

The Reds were also developed in a region of Japan that was hot and humid with tick born diseases and external parasites. They developed smooth coats and thick loose skin making them ideally suited to hot humid conditions but they do well in all climates even as far north as Montana.

As in any breed, there are inferior cattle being propagated and we find this especially true of the Reds, as they are so rare. Breeding is being conducted on any Red Wagyu Akaushi females that can be found. I strongly suggest that while doing your due diligence, you obtain pictures and any performance data on the animals before making any purchases.

Below is a sample scan of a number of our yearling females that had access to nothing but grass, clover and cottonseed meal with no grain of any sort.

Click image below to download as pdf

Red Emperor and Kajakari's Results in the Heifers

V-V in partner with Rock of Ages have developed what we think is one of the premier Red Wagyu/Akauski herds in the world. We have herds in Australia and the U.S. affording us access to all the premier genetics available outside of Japan. We have all the top bull genetics such as Hikari, Big Al, Namamaru, Tamamaru, Shigemaru, Umamaru, Kalenga Red Star and our HB Red Emperor. Our genetic pool also includes the top females, Akiko, 2277, Homare Blue 2, JVP 27, Homare, Kalanga Hikahomare and others.

Having spent several years researching the genetics in both Japan and Australia, V-V spared no expense on the acquisition of the best genetics available. We raise our paramount animals for seed stock. Should any animal be of less than excellent quality, that animal is sent to the feed yard. V-V strives to produce the very best in both Black and Red Wagyu/Akauski.

Our objective is to become the world leader in the improvement of the Wagyu breed and we are committed to keeping our customers on the cutting edge of only the most outstanding functional genetics available.

We welcome any inquiries and will do our best to help you source the right cattle for your herd whether Black or Red/Akauski.


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V-V Cattle Company is producing Red Wagyu heifers and bulls that are suited for the full range of production needs in the Wagyu industry.